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We created the best Poshmark bot available today on the market but we didn’t just stop there.

We also went ahead to create what’s by far the most robust mobile app for a Poshmark bot.

It does a plethora of things that the Poshmark app can’t.

It allows you to automate all your self shares, targeted follows, follow backs, community shares, offers to likers, and relisting.

For a limited time only, you can try Posh Sidekick FREE for 7 days when you download the mobile app on App Store or Play Store.

Fun Fact: No credit card is required for the FREE TRIAL.

What Can Sidekick Do for You?

Assuming Posh Sidekick only shares your closet couldn’t be further from the truth. It does that and more, as we’ll be seeing below.

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Share your closet all day

Sidekick shares your closet up to 5,000 times every day. It shares your closet at strategic times of the day. So, you can trust Sidekick to share your listings while you sleep.

Share backs & Community shares

You can use Sidekick to automatically share the closets of users that shared yours. You can also use it to automate community shares. 

Targeted Follows & Follow Backs

This feature allows you to target and follow potential buyers not just random Poshmark users that haven’t shown any interest in your closet. You can also tell it to follow your followers back.

Offers to Likers

The Offer to Likers feature lets you send out offers to potential customers that have liked your listing(s).


Sidekick can also relist your old listings!

Sidekick vs OneShop (fka SuperPosher)

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Double Your Poshmark Sales


You can easily double or even triple your Poshmark sales by just increasing your sharing volume.

Sharing is such an integral part of getting more sales because it puts your listings at the top of your followers’ feeds and search results, therefore, helping you get noticed.

And while sharing is powerful, we all know it’s a time-consuming and stressful task if you have more than fifty items in your closet.

With that being said, Posh Sidekick was created to do all the heavy lifting for you, so, you don’t have to ever worry about sharing a single item ever again.

Save Time

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If you don’t walk long distances by foot to save time and energy, why do you then choose to share a bunch of listings manually by hand?

Wouldn’t it be better to automate self shares too with a bot the same way you automate your movement with a car?

Sidekick lets you automate repetitive Poshmark tasks like sharing and following with the click of a button.

Now you get some more family time or personal time that could be better spent on sourcing and listing new items to get more sales.

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