How To Use Posh Sidekick

Let’s begin by discussing how to sign up and link your Poshmark closet to Posh Sidekick.

Using sidekick
Step 1 & 2

Install App

    1. Go to poshsidekick.com or search for Posh Sidekick in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

    2. Download and install the app
Step 3

Sign up for Posh Sidekick

(You’ll receive a 7 day FREE trial with NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED) – If you have a referral code, you’ll need to enter it at the time of signing up (You’ll receive 10% off your first month!)

Step 4

Link your Poshmark closet by entering your Poshmark credentials

Important Tips: 

  • Do not use the “@” symbol in your closet name.
  • Use all lowercase letters in your closet name.
  • Double-check that you are using the correct Poshmark

Once your closet is linked, you will be directed to the main dashboard. Here, you will see your name and daily stats. The next step is to go to the settings in the upper left-hand corner (cog wheel icon) and start turning on your settings one by one

Sharing Module

The Share module is where you will find various ways to implement sharing.

Sharing Module


Self-Share allows Posh Sidekick to share your own closet listing to your own followers at different times throughout the day, such as morning, noon, and evening.

It uses a smart algorithm that shares your closet based on your activity during the 3 key times of the day.

It is important to note that it does not share non-stop throughout the day.

We recommend not manually sharing while this setting is turned on, as it can interfere with the security settings and put you over the share limit for the day.

Let the bot do its work without interference.

Sharing Module

Share Options

You can choose how you want to share your closet, including the order and different filters.

Here are all the options available:

  • Share in Reverse
  • Share By Category – ALL
  • Share by Category – Only Women
  • Share by Category – Only Men
  • Share by Category – Only Kids
  • Share By Size
  • Share by Color
  • Share by Least Likes
  • Share by Most Likes
  • Share by Least Shares
  • Share by Most Shares
  • Share by Oldest First
  • Share by Newest First
  • Rainbow Sharing
  • Randomized Sharing

Each option has its unique advantages, and the best one for you will depend on your closet.

Choose the one that suits you the most and see how it works for you.

Sharing Module

Sidekick is a solution, THE solution.

When it comes down to it, people just want something that ACTUALLY WORKS with no filler.

With Sidekick, you don’t have to babysit Poshmark automation software or pause for captchas and manually solve them, or click any buttons to make it work!

3. Sign up for Posh Sidekick. (You’ll receive a 7 day FREE trial with NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED) – If you have a referral code, you’ll need to enter it at the time of signing up (You’ll receive 10% off your first month!)

poshsidekick -team-member-meeting
signup 1
Guide Steps

Signing up and linking your Poshmark Closet

    1. Go to poshsidekick.com or search for Posh Sidekick in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

    2. Download and install the app

    3. Sign up for Posh Sidekick. (You’ll receive a 7 day FREE trial with NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED) – If you have a referral code, you’ll need to enter it at the time of signing up (You’ll receive 10% off your first month!)

What does Sidekick do?

On the Poshmark platform, For $29.99 per month, Sidekick will: 

When it comes down to it, people just want something that ACTUALLY WORKS with no filler.

With Sidekick, you don’t have to babysit Poshmark automation software or pause for captchas and manually solve them, or click any buttons to make it work!

Sharing Module


The “Closet Snapshot” setting in Posh Sidekick helps keep your closet in a specific order. This is useful if you have tile divider graphics, or if you simply prefer to keep your closet organized in a certain way.

Here’s how to use Closet Snapshot:

5. Turn “Self Share” OFF.
6. Organize your closet manually by sharing each item one by one until it’s in the order you prefer.
7. Once your closet is organized, go back to Posh Sidekick and click on “Closet Snapshot”.
8. Under “Share Options”, select “Share in reverse”.

From now on, every time there’s a share session, your closet will share in the order you selected.
Sharing Module


If your closet gets jumbled for any reason, there’s a button next to the Closet Snapshot button labeled “Put Your Closet Back in Order”.

Clicking this button will give you the option to:

  • Continue sharing throughout the day.
  • Be notified via push notification when the process is completed.
    After the notification, sharing will stop until you turn it back on

It’s important to note that once you select what to do after putting your closet back in order, the process will begin immediately and cannot be stopped until it’s complete.

Sharing Module

Party Sharing

If you’re looking to maximize your sales on Poshmark, you need to be taking advantage of all the available features and options, including Posh Sidekick’s Party Sharing feature. Here’s everything you need to know about Party Sharing:

Party Sharing is a feature in Posh Sidekick that automatically shares relevant items from your closet to all the Poshmark parties happening throughout the day. This happens without any further instruction or input from you, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to share your items and maximize your exposure.

When you turn on Party Sharing, Posh Sidekick will share your items to any parties that are happening throughout the day. If your items are applicable to the party theme, they will be shared to the party. If they’re not applicable, they’ll be shared to your regular followers instead. This ensures that you’re never wasting a sharing session, and that you’re always maximizing efficiency and exposure for your items.

Poshmark parties are a key part of the platform’s social aspect, and they offer a great opportunity to get your items in front of a larger audience. By utilizing the Party Sharing feature in Posh Sidekick, you can ensure that you’re always taking advantage of these opportunities and maximizing your chances of making sales.

To turn on Party Sharing in Posh Sidekick, simply go to the app’s settings and turn on the Party Sharing option.

Once it’s turned on, the feature will run automatically throughout the day, sharing your items to relevant parties and maximizing your exposure.

Party Sharing is a powerful feature in Posh Sidekick that can help you maximize your sales and exposure on Poshmark.

By utilizing this feature, you can ensure that your items are always being shared to the right audience at the right time, and that you’re always taking advantage of opportunities to boost your sales.So if you haven’t already, turn on Party Sharing in Posh Sidekick and start seeing the results for yourself!

Sharing Module
Community Sharing feature

This setting is an excellent way to show other Poshers that you want them to succeed and can also provide good karma for your closet.

Community Sharing is a feature on Posh Sidekick that scans the feed for new and active Poshers with a nice amount of followers. The feature will share a few items from each of their closets, giving you a small chance of them sharing some of your items back to their many followers (if they have them).

Community sharing is an excellent way to show people that you want them to make sales also, and overall, it provides good karma.

In terms of getting your sales, it’s much lower than regular self-sharing, BUT, why waste even the slightest chance of making a sale?

Having this setting on can always be beneficial!

Enabling the Community Sharing feature on Posh Sidekick is quick and easy!

Here’s how to do it:

Open the Posh Sidekick app on your mobile device.
Tap on the menu icon (Cog Wheel) in the top left corner of the app.
Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
Scroll down to the “Sharing” section and toggle on the “Community Sharing” option.
That’s it! Posh Sidekick will now share a few items from other Poshers’ closets.

Sharing Module

Tips for Maximizing Community Sharing

While Community Sharing is a great way to increase your exposure and sales on Poshmark, there are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Turn on Community Sharing in addition to Self-Sharing and Party Sharing for the best
  • Remember that Community Sharing is just one aspect ofyour overall sharing strategy. Don’t rely on it solely to make
  • Make sure your own closet is well-organized and appealing to potential buyers. This will increase the likelihood of someone sharing one of your items back to their

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to make the most of the Community Sharing feature on Posh Sidekick and increase your exposure and sales on Poshmark!

poshsidekick -team-member-meeting
Sharing Module

Share Back

Posh Sidekick’s Share Back feature is a great way to show appreciation for others who have shared your listings.

This feature will share a number of listings from another person’s closet, up to 5 items which can be changed in the input box, next to the Share Back setting.

It’s like having a robot that says “Thank You” on your behalf!

Plus, every share back counts towards your community share counts.

To turn on Share Back, simply go to your settings and enable the feature.

Once activated, Posh Sidekick will automatically share listings from other users who have shared your items.

This is a fantastic way to build relationships with other Poshers and encourage them to continue sharing your items.

It is a small gesture that can go a long way in building a community of supportive and engaged sellers.

Share Back

Are you aware that the word “Share” in Poshmark refers to the actions in your account? This includes follows, relists, and unfollows. With Posh Sidekick, you can adjust your share speed to slow down or speed up your account’s activity.

The share speed setting allows you to limit or increase the number of actions in your Poshmark account every day. It’s essential to note that the more actions you perform, the closer you’ll get to the daily limit.
For Poshmark, it’s recommended that you keep your shares or account actions under 9k for the day.

Going over the daily limit can result in being put in “Share Jail” or triggering a “Soft-ban” on your account. When this happens, you won’t be able to share anything until the ban is lifted.

You can change the share speed in Posh Sidekick to Slow, Medium, or Fast, and this will provide a slightly different number of shares throughout the day. Each option also has a particular number of security benefits.

  • Slow: performs up to 5k shares for theday
  • Medium: performs up to 7k shares for theday
  • Fast: performs up to 9k shares for theday

It’s important to note that the “Up to” part means that it won’t always stop precisely at 5k or 7k shares, but it will rarely go over 9k shares.

Pro Tip:

If you plan on listing many items in a day, it’s recommended to set your share speed to Slow or Medium while you list your items. This is because Poshmark sometimes counts this as a lot of activity in your closet. To avoid the risk of getting a soft-ban or “Share Jail,” change your speed back to the normal setting the following day.

Follow Module
Follow Module

Following other Poshmark users can help increase your visibility and potentially lead to more sales. In this guide, we’ll go over the different follow settings available in Posh Sidekick.

By default, Posh Sidekick will follow a mix of users who have engaged with the brands you sell, those who have engaged with your closet, and active buyers.

Follow from chosen categories

You can further customize your follow settings by selecting specific categories and subcategories that you want Posh Sidekick to follow. This will help target users who have shown interest in the types of items you sell. To do this, simply use the drop-down menu under the “Follow” setting and choose the categories you want to target.

Follow Module

Follow from my top 3 categories

Another option is to let Posh Sidekick choose the categories for you based on your sales data. This feature will follow users based on the top 3 best-selling categories in your closet.

By utilizing these follow settings, you can increase your chances of attracting followers who are interested in your items and potentially increase your sales.

If someone follows you, out of courtesy, Posh Sidekick will follow them back!

Sometimes it may be necessary to clean up your follow list, we give many options for unfollow, and here they are:

  • Unfollow by keyword: Allows you to choose any keyword, andif that keyword is in the person’s username, it will unfollow them! For example: “!” is a popular character to input, this will ensure you unfollow anyone with a “!” in their username, such as @!!!!!Username.
  • Unfollow users with no items: Posh Sidekick will unfollow users with no available items for
  • Unfollow users with no activity: Posh Sidekick will unfollow anyone with a dead closet, no shares, follows, purchases,etc!
  • Unfollow users randomly: Posh Sidekick will unfollow random users.
Offer Module

Offer Module

Offers are an essential aspect of making sales on Poshmark. With Posh Sidekick’s offer system, you can easily create and send offers to likers with specific settings.
Here is how:

  1. Turn on “Offer to Likers”
  • Whenever someone likes an item, Posh Sidekick will send an offer based on the following settings:

Determine the percentage of the discount you would like to offer. The minimum discount is 10%.

You can offer a shipping discount of $5.95 USD, $4.99 USD, or FREE SHIPPING.

Ensures that you make a certain amount of revenue after your total offer discount (including shipping and Poshmark fees) is sent out.

Please note: If the total amount after fees and discounts is below the “Minimum Revenue” set, the offer will not be sent.

Send an offer after a specified time range. The options are 15 mins, 30 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours.

Offer Module
2.  Add offer rules for a specific category: You can set rules for specific categories, such as how much of an offer to send out when someone likes an item in that category. To do this:
  1. Click “Add offer rules for a specificcategory”
  2. Choose the categories andsubcategories
  3. Select the discount percentage and shippingdiscount
  4. The minimum revenue is optional but can ensure you make a certain amount of revenue after the discount and
  5. You can also choose not to send an Offer to Likers forthis category.

You can also set rules for specific items.

To do this:

  1. Click “Add offer rules for specificitems”
  2. Select the specific item based on the followingcriteria:
    • Justshared
    • Justin
    • Price High toLow
    • Price Low toHigh
    • Recently PriceDropped
    • Likes
    • Relevance
    • Recommended
  3. Choose the discount percentage, shipping discount percentage, and minimumrevenue
  4. Save the rules for the specificitem

Now you can easily send offers to likers based on these customized settings. Do not forget to consider all fees and costs when setting up your minimum revenue and discount percentages.

How to set the reserve price – Min. Percent to Counter On:

This will represent the lowest POSSIBLE discount you would want to give on any item. If someone sends you an offer for more than what this value is, it will AUTOMATICALLY trigger.

Counter Percent (Trigger Percentage):

This represents how much of a counter offer you will send back, once the reserve price has been triggered.


So, imagine, you list something for $100 and someone makes you a $30 offer THAT’S 70% OFF. You’ll automatically be able to send them a counter at 10% (or whatever you chose) off. It’s completely customizable, you don’t have to use it for JUST low ballers.

Offer Module

Automatically re-posts old listings with the Relists feature. This feature allows you to choose how old a listing must be before it is relisted.

Max Listing Age (Days)

Choose from 15, 30, 60, or 90 days as the age limit for a listing to be relisted. Once the listing reaches the age limit, Posh Sidekick will delete the listing and repost it as a brand-new listing.

This ensures that the item gets treated as a new listing in the algorithm, increasing its visibility. Turn on the Relists feature to make the most of your listings.

Other Settings

Occasionally you may see a duplicate listing, you may use this tool to remove them by scanning for the duplicates, you can detect these duplicates by checking the Title, Price, Size, Colors or Description.

If any duplicates are visible after scanning, swipe left on each duplicate, you will be able to either VIEW, or DELETE the listing.

When this option is turned on, Posh Sidekick will then pause its service between the hours of 3am and 6am EST.

The reason for this, is to rest your account.

You can decide whether to keep this setting on or off, if there are many actions on your account every day, turning this on may be a good idea, as to not throw up any red flags to the Poshmark security algorithm.

Turning this setting off will not pause any of our services and will run 24/7. If safety pause is OFF, your share counts will reset at 6AM EST.

Make your account even more stealth and humanlike by randomizing your relist timeframes and offers. Instead of specifying times for these, Posh Sidekick will choose them randomly for each relist or offer. Most security algorithms detect patterns, stay ahead of it.

If you go to the “Invite” on the main screen, then navigate to “See our Top 5 Referrers”, you’ll see a list of the top 5 people that refer users to our app the MOST.
To reach this list, you need to spread the word that Posh Sidekick is the greatest and most baddest Poshmark Automation tool on the face of the planet! Turning this feature on will display your username (and a link to your closet!)