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Story Behind Sidekick

Poshmark Pro Tools origin story begins in 2015. The founders, Mike and Umair met and started building automation software together.

The duo created the Poshmark Pro Tools software as a solution to struggling parents and families that needed help getting their Poshmark listings seen.

In 2016, after months of testing and many iterations, The first public, popular Poshmark bot was born.

After years of helping thousands of Poshmark resellers reach their goal, The software started to evolve. The company now noticed 2 different sectors in the market, those who use software, and those who want it done for them.

Sidekick is born.

Sidekick is a solution, THE solution.

When it comes down to it, people just want something that ACTUALLY WORKS with no filler.

With Sidekick, you don’t have to babysit Poshmark automation software or pause for captchas and manually solve them, or click any buttons to make it work!

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What does Sidekick do?

On the Poshmark platform, For $29.99 per month, Sidekick will: