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Who are we?

Posh Sidekick by, Poshmark ProTools - The FIRST Poshmark Bot & Sharing Solution.

We know Poshmark, and we know the reseller community. We’ve been reselling within the reseller niche for years. As Poshmark resellers dating back since 2012, we have seen not only Poshmark grow, we’ve grown with the community. We’ve struggled alongside the community sharing, relisting, following, and all of the other tedious tasks Poshmark requires for success. This is why we have created Posh Sidekick!

With Posh Sidekick features such as Reserve Price, Auto Relist, Closet Sharing, Community sharing, Background Remover and so much more, you’ll be able to utilize your valuable time and efforts.

Which is why we’re the smartest choice, when figuring out who to trust with your closet.

Introducing Sidekick By Poshmark Pro Tools.

When using Posh Sidekick you will benefit from the most up-to-date Poshmark closet automation on the market.

Features Such As:

  • Self-Share
  • Party Share
  • Community share
  • Share Back
  • Share by; color, in reverse, by category
  • Share Speed
  • Closet snapshot
  • Follow, Unfollow, Follow back
  • Offer to Likers
  • Background Remover
  • Reserve Price
  • Relists

Available on the App Store and Google Play

sidekick app
sidekick recent activities

Share your closet all day.

Sidekick shares your listings intelligently at the best times of the day, and to parties, without over-sharing or landing your closet in share-jail.
Sidekick works for you, 24/7 even while you sleep.

Slice through spam and get actual eyeballs on your listings. Our intelligent service will chauffeur your listings directly in front of your buyers. Whether they are your followers, or just browsing the feed, your items will be seen.


Network shares

Completely unique to Sidekick, we have our own sharing circles, and you’ll have the ability to opt-in to this powerful feature!

Get shares from closets with hundreds of thousands of followers, from at least 10 closets at once, think of how many millions of potential buyers per day will see your items!

Closet Shares
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Target Following

Sidekick will follow only people that like the stuff that you are selling, when at the checkout page, give us a list of brands you have in your closet, and we’ll make sure to follow only people with those brands in mind!

This will result in warm leads walking right into your closet, whom of which are more likely to make an offer or purchase an item from you!

Poshmark Pro Tools was the FIRST software to create the target follow… WE invented this!
Now, it is standard in any Poshmark automation solution, you can thank us for that! 🙂

But, no one does it better than us!

Unlike Bots and Chrome Extensions, We Solve Poshmark Captchas Automatically For You  It’s Included in All of our Services

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Posh Sidekick is available for Poshmark users in America, Canada, and The United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)

How do I know when Sidekick is working?

You will be able to track your daily analytics and progress through the Posh Sidekick app, which is due to be released in the coming weeks, but until then, you will notice a lot of activity on your notification feed within the Poshmark app!

You will start to see Likes, Followers and Share-backs occurring, also you can check “My Posh Stats” from within the Poshmark app too.

There, you will see your self shares & community shares rise also!

sidekick app
sidekick app

What’s the difference between Posh Sidekick and Poshmark Pro Tools?

Well, Poshmark Pro Tools is a software you can use on your computer, or VPS. With PPT, you have full control over the software and manage it manually.

Posh Sidekick is the complete opposite, we will manage it completely through our side, it will be like you are using the software, but you don’t have sit there and babysit it!

We will also chose the best times for your listings to be seen.

It’s like having a fully automated VA!

What Our Customer Says About Us

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Customer Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sidekick has a free trial which can be found in app or contact live chat!
You can find out more about the trial in app.

It’s pretty cheap! (Hint: starting at $29.99 per month)

Sidekick does all the same things that the other Poshmark Bots do, (SuperPosher, PosherVA, closet tools… just to name a few) except we’ve been around a lot longer as Poshmark Pro Tools.

Sidekick will:

  • Share Your own closet throughout the day (without over sharing or putting you in share-jail!)
  • Community share.
  • Share back people who shared your closet.
  • Follow other Poshers and grow your own following
  • Target Follow people who are only interested in your items (We invented this).
  • Follow new Poshers.
  • Filter out fake and scam accounts.
  • Solve captchas automatically (included free).
  • Send out offers to liker’s throughout the day, as the likes come in!
  • Run all day and all night, 24/7 – 365 days per year. Holidays too! So you NEVER miss an opportunity to make a sale!
  • Network share your listings. (Our own private share circles with millions of followers).
  • Provide you with an app to see exactly what Sidekick is doing in your closet!
  • Give excellent customer support whenever you need it!

Yes, that is the only way for our service to link to your account!

Tip: if you don’t feel comfortable giving your personal password, we recommend changing it first, then completing the checkout form!

While it entirely depends on your closet, and the quality of your listings, Sidekick will increase the traffic to your Poshmark closet, giving you more likes and more engagement, which we all know is what you need to convert to sales!

If your not satisfied for any reason,
you have 3 days from the start of your service to request a refund, no questions asked. If it’s within 3 days, email us your order # HERE.

The safest number of shares allowable per day is 5000-6000 shares. But it also depends on your closet size and age.
If you go over this limit, Poshmark might Soft Ban your closet or stop you from sharing for sometime. It would be best to share in a realistic pattern to avoid your closet from being red-flagged.

This is not a bug, but a feature that we are using to improve your listing visibility on Poshmark. It happens when our service delists and relists your items automatically to boost their chances of appearing in the “Just In” search filter on Poshmark. This filter is the most used by buyers and it has the stigma of the item having more a chance to sell. Sometimes, the listing titles are changed slightly to avoid copy detection by Poshmark. This does not affect your listing quality or ranking. You do not need to fix this issue, but you can manually edit your listing titles back to their original state if you prefer. In our latest patch, we are giving you the option to modify how titles are altered during the relisting process. You can find it under the “Relists” section of the settings menu.

A soft ban means that your closet is temporarily blocked from sharing or following by Poshmark due to excessive activity. This can happen if you manually share or follow while using our service, or if you exceed the daily limits set by Poshmark. To fix this issue, you need to stop all manual activity on your closet and wait for the ban to be lifted. You can also log out and log back in to your Poshmark account after we refresh your closet in AP. Please do not delete and reinstall the app as this will not help.

This is another bug that we are aware of and working to fix as soon as possible. It happens when our service sends out offers to likers automatically to increase your sales. Sometimes, the offers are duplicated and sent twice to the same liker. We apologize for the confusion and we appreciate your patience. To fix this issue, you need to cancel the duplicate offer and send a new one with a different amount.

This is a rare issue that can happen if there is a problem with your account verification or your phone number registration. It can also happen if there is a network error or a server outage. To fix this issue, you need to check your internet connection and make sure it is stable. You also need to verify your phone number and email address with us and with Poshmark. If you still cannot sign in, please contact our support team for further assistance.

This is an issue that can happen if you have multiple devices or accounts linked to our service. It can cause problems with your closet activity and performance. To fix this issue, you need to unlink any devices or accounts that you are not using from our service. You also need to refresh your closet in AP and make sure it is registered in only one server. If you still have this issue, please contact our support team for further assistance.