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Beta Testing Requirements & Info

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Hello and Welcome all Beta Testers!
Everyone here at Seller Cave is excited to work directly with you all to create this new exciting marketplace!

Why Seller Cave?

Well, if you’re anything like me, you’re a bit sick of paying fees.
Poshmark alone has a 20% seller fee! That truly does not leave much room for the reseller to earn a profit after doing all the work. Seller Cave only charges a 5% seller fee! Also, you won’t find any annoying lowball offers here, your price is your price.

Seller Cave 9

These Are The Requirements To Be A Beta Tester:


Setup and complete your Profile and Vendor shop
(Banner, Info)

– Join the “Seller Cave Beta Testers” group in Seller Cave itself.

This is important, for all beta users will receive updates through the group itself!

– List a minimum of 10 items per week. 

You can find the “List An Item!” button in the top menu, or the pull down menu in the mobile browser.

-Your own shipping

You will need to take care of your own shipping during the beta testing period, we recommend using Pirate Ship for USA testers, for Canadian sellers, Netparcel.

The 5% commission rate is low enough to leave room for reliable shipping.

If you make sales during the testing period, you can keep your customers informed by inputting the tracking info into Seller Caves seller dashboard.

– Test all features and report any bugs, glitches or issues you may see.

You may report glitches or issues as a post inside the Beta Testers, Seller Cave group, or subsequently, the group messenger chat
exclusively for the Seller Cave Beta Testers group!

– Use all the “Tools” within the Tools tab. 

(You will be given unlimited points to test with)

Test purchasing and buying (No cost to you) 

When this is available for testing we will inform you all.

If these requirements are not met, Seller Cave and it’s admins reserve the right to revoke Beta tester incentives, and / or dissolve your membership to the beta program at any time.

Please understand, and make sure you can meet these requirements before applying.



Seller Cave will be offering incentives and contests within the Beta Process.
All Beta members who complete the beta program will earn a “Verified User, Beta Tester, and Trending Shop” badge.

-Periodically we may feature your items on our advertising platform.
-You will also get first look and access to new tools and features!
-At times, we may eliminate the 5% commission rate all together, you’ll just have to see!
-You will be informed first of all changes / updates!

More incentives TBA

Please stay active within the group. Inactive members will be removed from the program. Sharing info, screenshots, or any company information outside of the beta program is prohibited during beta testing as contracted.