Introducing automated posh live shows

The Game-changing New Feature for Poshmark Sellers!

Automate sales with effortless live shows - say goodbye to manual closet showcasing.

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Automation Posh Live Shows
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Promoted listings auction booster pack - If you have our Promoted Listings package, you'll be able to:

Boost your auction into higher brackets with our proprietary method

Receive viewers from other PSK lives

Receive more auction credits to go live automatically more times per week!

100% Automated, set-and-forget Silent Lives (never run an item manually ever again!).

Easy Set-Up

Historical auction data including sales data, audience size & entire log of the auction chat.

Automatic starting of auctions

Schedule for any time of day, or night for that fact.

Custom timing of auction, blanket timing or individual timing of items

Ability to pause automation, enter auction on any device and start automation again when exiting the auction.

Pre-made auction cover photo templates, customizable

Blanketed percentage based starts
Blanketed CUSTOM starts (ex $3, $5 starts for all items)
Auto replies to comments and questions
Ability to copy auction and run again

Experience the Future of Closet Sales. Automated Posh Live Shows for Effortless, Impressive Showcasing

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The following are the features we currently have

Automated Auction for Poshmark Live Shows

Automated auction:

Conduct auctions seamlessly and effortlessly, allowing for efficient bidding and selling processes.

Comment Notifications:

Receive real-time notifications whenever someone comments on your listings, ensuring you never miss a potential buyer's inquiry.

Comment Notification Posh Live Shows
Setup Auction 2

Pricing Calculation:

Easily calculate and set prices based on either a percentage or fixed amount, providing flexibility in your pricing strategies.

Stats Tracking:

Access detailed statistics on sales, views, and comment logs to gain valuable insights into your performance and buyer engagement.

Auction Stats
Setting up Auction

Convenient Auction Scheduling:

Schedule auctions at any time that suits you best, ensuring flexibility and convenience for both sellers and buyers.

Auction Replication

Easily duplicate previously run auctions, saving time and effort by using successful auction templates as a starting point.