Is Poshmark’s Algorithm Going Back To Normal?

Is Poshmark's Algorithm Going Back To Normal

Just In: Poshmark Algorithm Going Back To Normal – Starting October 1st / 2nd 2022

Low sales, lower engagement, incorrect search results…
And A LOT of frustrated resellers have been trying to find other platforms and other side-hustles, ever since Poshmark changed the way results appear when shoppers search on the platform itself.

When a shopper would search for what they were looking for within the Poshmark platform, originally the results would come up under the default sorting: “Just Shared”.

What does that mean?

That means, Poshmark’s Algorithm Going Back To Normal? the more times you use the share feature within Poshmark, the greater the chance of your item appearing in that search, higher than if you werent sharing.

Poshmark algorithm

The First Poshmark Algorithm Change

About 6 months ago, Poshmark changed their search algorithm’s default sorting to “Relevance”, which was made up of an algorithm likely put together as an experiment after their public offering tanked.

In an effort to increase overall revenue, the company needed to experiment with some changes, stir the pot and see what would rise to the top.

The people who suffered the most were the resellers, not only did this new search algorithm mess up searches for people with incorrect search results, it actually HID alot of resellers’ listings all together, bringing sales to a screeching halt!

The Poshmark algorithm was to blame. Sellers tried all sorts of things to get their sales back, some tried SEO by changing the way their listing titles and descriptions were structured, and some tried a combination of better pictures AND text, with broader keyword placement.

This had little effect, there was nothing quite like turning on the ole’ bot and cranking out shares, watching your engagement fly off the charts!

Manish Chandra Announces Poshmark Algorithm Going Back To Normal.

On September 29th at Poshfest 2022, Manish Chandra – Poshmark CEO announced that the search algorithm would be going back to normal (prior 6 months ago) At the Posh State Of The Union – an annual update speech to discuss the platforms new features and plans.

What does this mean?

This means the more you shared, the more chance you have of your listings being seen! And more of a chance of a chance of making SALES!

Instead of “Relevance” sorting, the default will now be “Just Shared” sorting.

You can now let out a sigh of relief, it’s goin back to normal!

How Do I Share More On Poshmark?

Sharing is the most IMPORTANT feature Poshmark has to offer.

In order to have success on Poshmark, you need to share your items for sale often. The more you share, the more likely it is that people will see your items and buy them. But how do you go about sharing? Here are some tips:

Not only does sharing boost your listings within the Poshmark platform itself, but it also boosts your listing on Google, Yahoo & Bing searches.

You can use Poshmark’s “Bulk Sharing” feature, which can share your entire closet.

Or, you can use a reliable peice of software to share your entire closet, MANY TIMES PER DAY!

This software is called a Poshmark Bot, and this blog just so happens to be owned by the SAFEST, and BEST Poshmark Bot in 2022 and beyond!

It’s called Posh Sidekick.

It can share your closet, share other’s listings, follow people, send out offers, remove image backgrounds, crosslist to 3 different platforms and way, way more!

The best part, is that it’s a phone app, you can take it with you!

It takes 5 minutes to setup, and you dont even have to touch it after that!

Try it for 7 days free, no cc needed! HERE.

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