Does Mercari Sell Fake Items

Does Mercari Sell Fake Items

Wondering if a seller can scam you on Mercari by sending you a fake item? If yes, then you have a valid concern.

When buying from any online marketplace there is always a chance of getting scammed. Mercari has implemented strict measures to protect buyers from receiving counterfeit goods, but it’s still difficult to completely eliminate unscrupulous sellers who sell fake items.

In this blog post, we’ll find out that does Mercari sell fake items. Moreover, we will discuss whether it is safe to buy from Mercari and does Mercari gives refunds if someone receives a fake. So, let’s begin:

Does Mercari Sell Fake Items?

Mercari, like any other online marketplace, does not directly sell items itself. Instead, it provides a platform for individual sellers to list and sell their products.

While Mercari has policies in place to prohibit the sale of counterfeit, replica, or any other kind of fake items, the key responsibility for ensuring the authenticity of the items is of the sellers.

Unfortunately, there are some sellers on Mercari who attempt to list and sell items that are fake. These sellers may intentionally or unintentionally misrepresent the authenticity of the products they are selling.

Many buyers on Mercari have reported cases in which they received fake items that sellers claimed to be authentic. Here’s one such example:

Fake Item on Mercari

Is Everything on Mercari Authentic?

No, not everything sold on Mercari is guaranteed to be authentic. As an online marketplace, Mercari serves as an intermediary platform connecting individual sellers with buyers, but it does not directly manufacture or sell items itself.

While Mercari has policies and measures in place to discourage the sale of counterfeit or fake items, the authenticity of each item ultimately depends on the individual seller’s integrity and accuracy in representing the products they list.

Is It Safe to Buy from Mercari?

is it safe to buy from mercari

Buying from Mercari is generally safe, but like any online marketplace, there are always chances of getting scammed.

Over the years, Mercari has introduced services like Mercari Authenticate and improved its return policy to prevent its buyers from getting scammed.

However, the level of safety ultimately depends on factors such as the integrity and honesty of sellers and the precautions taken by buyers.

On the positive side, Mercari offers a secure payment system that processes transactions through the platform.

The marketplace also has buyer protection policies in place to address issues like non-delivery or misrepresented items, although these policies sometimes may have a few limitations.

Does Mercari Give Refunds If Scammed?

Yes, Mercari provides a window of opportunity for buyers to report any issues or fraudulent activities related to their purchases. If a buyer suspects that he has been scammed or that the item he received is not authentic, he has 15 days from the delivery date to contact Mercari and provide evidence supporting his refund claim.


In cases where the payment has already been released to the seller, Mercari may issue a refund to the buyer in the form of an account credit. This credit can be used towards the buyer’s next purchase on the marketplace. However, it’s important to note that any unused credits will expire 90 days after they are issued, so the buyer will have to ensure that he utilizes the credit within that time frame.

Mercari takes fraud and scamming incidents very seriously. If you encounter any suspicious activity or believe you have been a victim of fraud on the platform, you can report it by calling their support at +1-888-578-5870. Moreover, you can visit the Mercari Help Center at any time to report your concerns and provide details about the incident.

Mercari has a strict policy against fraud, and scammers caught engaging in such activities are typically suspended from the platform for life. This zero-tolerance approach aims to maintain a safe and trustworthy marketplace for both buyers and sellers.

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