How to Create a Bundle for Someone on Poshmark

How to Create a Bundle for Someone on Poshmark

Ever wondered how to create a bundle for someone on Poshmark? Well, you’re in luck! Creating a bundle is like putting together a fantastic gift package just for your Poshmark buddy. In this blog, we’ll walk you through the steps of creating a bundle on Poshmark. Poshmark is all about sharing the love, and making a bundle is a way to show someone you care. Get ready to be a Poshmark pro at making bundles that’ll bring smiles and good vibes.

What is Bundle on Poshmark?

A Poshmark bundle is very much like putting multiple items into one shopping bag. The only difference in that it’s happening online on the Poshmark app or website.

Bundling For Buyers

Imagine you are shopping and find many items you like from the same Poshmark seller. Instead of buying each items separately, you can put them all in one bundle. This way, you pay for everything at once, which can save you money on shipping. Sometimes, the seller might even give you a special discount because you are buying more than one item.

Bundling for Sellers

If you are selling on Poshmark, a bundle is when one buyer wants to buy more than one item from your closet. You put all these items in one ‘bundle’ for them. This makes it easier for you to sell more things at once. You can also offer a discount to the buyer for buying multiple items, which can encourage them to buy more from you. Plus, it saves time and effort because you ship all items together.

How Bundle Works on Poshmark for Buyers?

Like Items: As a buyer, when you browse through a closet and find multiple items you’re interested in, you can ‘like’ each item by pressing the small heart icon on them.

Start a Bundle: When you’re ready to bundle, you initiate the process by clicking the shopping bag icon on one of the liked items. This action creates a new bundle and automatically adds that specific item to it.

Add More Items to Your Bundle: After starting a bundle, you’ll see a display of all your other liked items from the same seller’s closet at the bottom of the screen. You can add any or all of these items to your bundle.

Discounts and Deals: Many sellers on Poshmark offer discounts on bundles. Additionally, after creating a bundle, some sellers may proactively offer you a better deal.

Make an Offer or Wait for a Deal: As a buyer, you have the option to either make a price suggestion for the bundle immediately or wait for the seller to offer a deal.

Finalizing the Purchase: If the seller accepts your price offer, or you agree to the price they suggest, the transaction proceeds. The seller then prepares and ships the bundled items to you in one package.

How to Create a Bundle for Someone on Poshmark as a Seller?

Creating a bundle for someone on Poshmark as a seller involves setting up bundle discounts and, if desired, proactively adding a buyer’s liked items to a bundle. Here are step-by-step instructions:

On the Poshmark App:

  1. Open the app and go to your Account Tab (@username).
  2. Select “My Bundles.”
  3. Switch to the “Sell” tab.
  4. Locate a Bundle and select “View Bundle.”
  5. Scroll down to find “@username’s Likes From My Closet.”
  6. Under a listing image, select the Bundle icon to add the item to the bundle.

On the Poshmark Website:

  1. Visit Poshmark and select “My Bundles” at the top of any page.
  2. From the left-hand menu, switch to the “Sell” tab.
  3. Locate a Bundle and select “View Bundle.”
  4. Find “@username’s Likes From My Closet.”
  5. Under a listing image, select the Bundle icon to add the item to the bundle.

How Bundling Helps Sellers on Poshmark?

Bundling on Poshmark helps sellers by letting them group together multiple items into one listing. This makes it easier for buyers to get more things from the same seller. When buyers see a bundle, they might feel like they’re getting a better deal, and it encourages them to buy more stuff at once. It’s like a little shopping package that makes things convenient and can save the buyer some money on shipping. So, bundling is a win-win for both the seller and the buyer on Poshmark!

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