How to Make an Offer on Depop

How to Make an Offer on Depop

Have you ever come across something you absolutely love on Depop and wished you could make it yours? Well, you can make an offer to the seller on Depop. Making an offer on Depop is a straightforward process that can help you snag that perfect item at a price that works for you. In this blog, we’ll tell you how to make an offer on Depop so you can get your hands on your favorite items.

What is an Offer on Depop?

Depop Offers is a new feature on the platform that enables buyers to make offers on items listed by sellers. Unlike automatic purchases, when a buyer submits an offer, it requires the seller’s response. The seller can either accept or reject the offer. If accepted, the buyer can then proceed to place an order at the agreed-upon offer price.

While many items on Depop already come with discounts from their retail prices, the introduction of the offer feature allows buyers to negotiate for an even better deal. This feature caters to those who enjoy the thrill of bargaining and aim to secure the best possible price for the items they desire.

The offer option also streamlines the interaction between buyers and sellers, simplifying the negotiation process. In many cases, sales are already negotiated through message exchanges, and the “make an offer” feature facilitates a quick agreement on pricing.

It’s crucial to understand that when a buyer submits an offer, they have the flexibility to propose any amount. However, the decision to accept or reject lies entirely with the seller. Sellers have the autonomy to evaluate offers and are not obligated to accept if they deem the offer to be too low or unreasonable.

How Depop Offers Work?

Depop Offers is a feature designed to facilitate smoother transactions between buyers and sellers on the platform. Whether you’re looking to sell an item or make a purchase, the process is straightforward.

Depop Offers for Buyers:

If you’re a buyer interested in negotiating a price, locate the “Make An Offer” button at the bottom right-hand corner of the app, situated next to the “Buy” button. Clicking on this button will redirect you to the page where you can submit your desired offer amount.

Depop offers a helpful tip to buyers, suggesting that offers should ideally be discounted between 5-30%. This range serves as a practical guideline for submitting reasonable offers. After submitting your offer, the seller has 24 hours to accept it. It’s crucial to note that if multiple offers are accepted for a single item, the first person to complete the purchase will secure the item.

Depop Offers for Sellers:

For sellers, managing offers is a straightforward process. When a buyer makes an offer on one of your items, Depop promptly notifies you through both the app and email. Since offers are time-sensitive, receiving these notifications is crucial.

Upon receiving an offer, sellers have three options: accept, reject, or ignore. Ignoring an offer is a valid choice, especially if the offered amount is below the listed price or doesn’t meet your expectations.

However, it’s generally recommended to respond to every offer, even if you counter with the original listing price. Communicating with the buyer is encouraged, and you may choose to send a message expressing your position.

For instance, you can politely decline with a message like, “Thank you for your offer! I appreciate it, but I’m unable to go lower. If you’re still interested, I can accept the original listing price. Thank you for understanding!”

How Can I See an Offer on Depop?

To see an offer on Depop, you need to follow these simple steps.

First, open the Depop app on your mobile device. Look for the small shop icon located in the middle of the bottom row of the app interface. Once you find it, tap on the shop icon to proceed.

Inside the shop section, you’ll notice a button labeled ‘Offers.’ Tap on this button to view all the offers you have received for your items. By clicking on the ‘Offers’ button, you’ll be able to see a list of the offers made by potential buyers.

It’s important to note that Depop also sends you notifications and emails for every new offer you receive. However, if you want to manually check and review all your offers in one place, using the ‘Offers’ section within the app is the way to go.

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