Poshmark Promoted Closet vs Posh Sidekick Promoted Listings

Poshmark Promoted Closet vs Posh Sidekick Promoted Listings

We are in 2024 and Poshmark is no longer that marketplace where we used to list our pre-loved items and they get sold in a couple of days without doing any promotions.

According to one source, there are more than eight million sellers on Poshmark who have listed over 75 million items for sale on the marketplace.

So, it’s quite clear that relying only on Poshmark organic sales is not sustainable and you need to spend money on a paid marketing tool like Poshmark Promoted Closet. But is it worth your money?

In today’s review, we are going to analyze if Poshmark Promoted Closet is really worth your money. Moreover, we will draw a Poshmark Promoted Closet vs Posh Sidekick Promoted Listings comparison to find out which one can get you more sales.

So let’s begin:

The Curious Case of Poshmark Promoted Closet

Promoted Closet is a paid marketing tool introduced by Poshmark that claims to increase the visibility of your listings on the online marketplace.

The idea is that by paying a fee, your Poshmark listings will be more prominently displayed on the top of the in-app search results, helping you stand out and make more sales.

However, most Poshmark sellers find this promotional tool useless and problematic.

The Curious Case of Poshmark Promoted Closet

The main concerns raised by sellers include the high cost of the Promoted Closet, lack of transparency on where the clicks are coming from, and the inability to control which specific listings get promoted.

According to one seller’s experience, the tool is “too expensive with not enough data.”

Another seller shared that while his sales increased, most items he sold were popular branded items that likely would have sold eventually anyway.

He felt that the increased sales did not justify paying over $100 per month, plus the additional 20% selling fee on top of it.

So, most sellers are questioning the value and return on investment of the Promoted Closet feature.

As one seller put it, “If Poshmark thought this feature was worth it in sales, they would have tied the fee to revenue.”

Poshmark Promoted Closet Reviews

Many sellers have shared their experiences since the launch of Poshmark Promoted Closet, and TBH majority of them are disappointing.

Here are a few of them that were shared on Reddit:

Poshmark Promoted Closet Review

So this Poshmark seller claimed that Poshmark Promoted Closet was not worth his money as he didn’t get any substantial results using it.

Another interesting insight he shared is that his engagement dropped drastically once the promotional campaign ended. So, he believes that Poshmark is kind of punishing those sellers who are not actively running promotion campaigns.

Interestingly, the above seller is claiming that he got 30 sales in a week out of which only 3 sales had been from promoted listing, and that too he believes are items that are in demand, which would have been sold even if he didn’t promote them.

Now, there is this other Poshmark seller who spent around $41 on Poshmark Promoted Closet and got only $81 worth of sales.

Posh Promoted Closet Beta Reddit Reviews

So, likewise the earlier seller, he also didn’t get any substantial results and believes that the organic visibility of his closet will drop as soon as he turns off the Poshmark Promoted Closet campaign.

Poshmark Promoted Closet vs Posh Sidekick Promoted Listings

Poshmark Promoted Closet Posh Sidekick Promoted Listings
Claimed Benefits Increased visibility of listings to shoppers through search and brand page promotions. Make your listings reach millions of Poshmark buyers through 1000s of closets per day.
Promotion Duration 7-day campaigns. 30-day service.
Autonomy Poshmark chooses what listings to promote. You choose what listings to promote.
Cost No fixed cost (works on CPC model). $14.99 per month.
Number of Listings Promoted Depends on budget and shopper searches. Up to 7 listings per day.
Promotion Type Paid promotion of listings on Poshmark search pages. Organic community shares via an advertising network of thousands of closets.
Reach and Impressions Depends on factors like searches and budget. Potentially millions, due to the large network of Posh closets.
Compliance and Safety Implicitly compliant as it is an official Poshmark tool. Explicitly stated as safe and compliant with Poshmark guidelines.
Control Over Promotion Limited as you can’t decide what listings to promote. More control over listings you can promote. Different closets used for promotions each day.
Spam Prevention No spamming. Controls in place to avoid spam.
Guarantee of Sales No guarantee for sales. No guarantees for sales but increased reach is guaranteed.
Additional Features None Exclusive access to an advertising network of Posh closets with thousands of followers.

Final Verdict:

It’s quite evident that Poshmark Promoted Closet has been a disappointment for sellers so far. Many posh sellers have shared discouraging results, such as low returns on investment and a drop in engagement after their promotion campaigns ended.

Moreover, they feel that the paid promotional tool does not provide any significant benefit and even hinders their organic visibility once the campaign is over.

On the other hand, Posh Sidekick Promoted Listings has a different approach to promotions. For a fixed monthly fee of $14.99, it allows you to promote up to 7 listings per day through an extensive network of Posh closets.

The Poshmark promotional service focuses on organic community shares, which can potentially reach millions of buyers. It also provides more control over which listings you promote, unlike Poshmark Promoted Closet, which randomly selects the listings for promotions.

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