What Does ISO Mean on Depop

What Does ISO Mean on Depop

If you are an active Depop user then there are chances that you came across a weird term called “ISO” and you might be wondering what does that mean!

Well, we all know that most buyers on Depop actually belong to Gen Z. So they come up with their own slang for literally everything and the same is the case with the term “ISO.”

In this blog, we will explain to you what ISO mean on Depop and what it signifies. Moreover, we will discuss the point of using ISO in a listing. So let’s begin.

What Does ISO Mean on Depop?

On Depop, “ISO” stands for “In Search Of.”

When someone posts “ISO” in their listing or in a comment, it means they are looking for a specific item that they want to buy. It’s like saying, “I’m searching for this thing, and I want to buy it if someone has it.”

ISO Depop

It’s a way for users on Depop to let others know they’re looking for something particular, whether it’s a rare vintage item or a specific brand or style.

So, if you ever see “ISO” on Depop, it’s someone expressing what they’re looking to purchase.

What’s The Purpose of Using ISO in a Depop Listing?

When someone lists an item on Depop with ISO in the title or description, it means he is not selling that item. Instead, he is looking to buy it. It’s like putting out a call to find something specific that you want to buy.

ISO meaning on Depop

In the above case, a Depoper is warning others not to buy any posts labeled ISO because those items are not for sale. He is simply expressing a desire to find those items for himself.

Sometimes, people might list expensive items for a very low price, like a $60 shirt listed for $1, because it’s an ISO.

If someone buys it despite the warning, the seller won’t refund the money because the listing clearly states that it’s not for sale, and buying it would be considered a donation.

So, the purpose of using ISO in a Depop listing is to let others know that the item is not available for purchase but that the seller is searching for it. It’s a way for people to connect and help each other find specific items they’re looking for.

Final Words

Knowing what ISO mean on Depop can greatly improve your buying and selling experience on the online marketplace. ISO offers a great way for Depopers to express what they’re looking to buy or trade.

By using ISO, you can connect with other Depopers who might have the items you’re seeking or vice versa. It’s a handy tool for finding rare or specific items and building a vibrant community of buyers and sellers.

So next time you see ISO on Depop, you know exactly what it means and how it can help you in your quest for that perfect find.

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