How to Send Photos on Depop

How to Send Photos on Depop

Sometimes photos you add in your Depop listings are not good enough, and buyers ask for more photos. In that case, you need to send them photos from fresh angles, but how you can send them photos is the crux of the matter.

Many new sellers on Depop, particularly new ones are often quite confused about how to send photos on Depop. So in this guide, we will explain how you can send product photos to your buyers on Depop. Moreover, we will discuss the dos and don’ts of sending photos of Depop.

Why There is a Need of Sending Photos on Depop?

1- To Show the Item:

When you’re selling something on Depop, people want to see what it really looks like. Sending photos lets buyers see the item’s condition, style, color, and any details that might interest them. It helps them decide if they want to buy it.

2- To Build Trust:

When buyers can see clear photos of what they’re buying, they feel more confident about making a purchase. It builds trust between the buyer and the seller. They can see exactly what they’re getting, which reduces the chances of misunderstandings or disappointments.

3- To Attract Buyers:

Good photos can make your item stand out. People are more likely to click on listings with clear, attractive photos. It’s like when you’re shopping in a store – you’re drawn to items that look appealing. Sending photos that showcase your item well can attract more Depop buyers to follow you and increase your chances of making a sale.

How to Send Photos on Depop?

  1. First, log in to your Depop account.
  2. Next, tap on the “Messages” icon.
  3. Then, open the chat where you want to send photos.
  4. You will see a camera icon there, tap it and two options will appear, “use the camera to take a new photo” and “browse your device’s gallery to select a photo.
  5. Select any of the options you want and tap the “Send” button.

Tips for Sending High-Resolution Photos on Depop

1- Optimize Photos Resolution

When you’re taking photos for your Depop listings, it’s important to ensure they are clear and high-quality. One way to do this is by avoiding digital zoom on your phone camera. Zooming in too much can reduce the image quality and make your photos appear blurry. Instead, try to physically move closer to the object you’re photographing to maintain clarity.

Optimize Photos Resolution

Another important factor in capturing high-resolution photos is lighting. Natural light works best for product photography as it helps to highlight details and prevent grainy images. Make sure your product is well-lit when taking photos, either by photographing near a window or outdoors during daylight hours.

To minimize blurriness in your photos, it’s essential to stabilize your phone. You can do this by using a tripod or simply steadying your hand while capturing images. This helps to ensure that your photos are sharp and clear, making your products look clearer to buyers.

2- Crop and Edit

Once you’ve taken your photos, the next thing you need to do is crop and edit them before sending them on Depop. When cropping, focus on the main product and avoid including too much background or unnecessary elements. This helps to draw attention to the item you’re selling and creates a cleaner, more professional-looking image.

While editing can enhance your photos, it’s important not to overdo it. Filters and adjustments are fine, but excessive editing can misrepresent your product and lead to disappointment from buyers. Aim for a balance between enhancing your photos and maintaining their authenticity.

3- Use Recommended File Size & Type

When saving your photos for upload to Depop, it’s best to use JPEG or PNG formats. These formats are widely accepted and maintain good image quality.

Use Recommended File Size & Type

Moreover, be mindful of the file size – it should be large enough to preserve quality but not so large that it takes a long time to load on Depop. Most smartphones naturally strike a good balance between quality and file size when saving images.

Mistakes to Avoid When Sending Photos on Depop

1- Low-Quality Photos:

Low-Quality Photos

Sending blurry or pixelated photos can make a negative impression on your buyers. That’s why your images should be clear and well-lit, and make sure to display the item accurately.

2- Using Filters Excessively:

While filters can enhance photos, excessive use can distort the item’s true appearance. Stick to natural lighting and minimal editing for authenticity.

3- Cluttered Backgrounds:

Keep the focus on the item for sale by using a clean, clutter-free background. A plain backdrop or neatly arranged setting will work best.

4- Using Stock Photos:

Using Stock Photos

Always send actual photos of the item you’re selling rather than stock images to your buyers. Your buyers want to see the condition of the item they’re purchasing, not a generic representation.

5- Overlooking Branding or Watermarks:

While branding can add a personal touch, avoid excessive watermarks or logos that distract from the item. Keep them subtle to maintain focus on the product.

6- Inconsistent Styling:

Inconsistent Styling

Maintain a consistent aesthetic across your product photos to establish a cohesive brand identity. This helps attract repeat customers and builds trust in your store.

7- Neglecting Multiple Angles:

Send multiple angles and close-up shots to give your buyers a comprehensive view of the item. Capture details, textures, and any unique features in your photos to persuade buyers to buy from you.

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