How to Get More Followers on Poshmark in 2023

How to Get More Followers on Poshmark in 2023

In the last couple of years, Poshmark has grown at a rapid pace. It’s not just the buyer’s base that has grown significantly but it’s also the number of sellers that have skyrocketed. Hence, if you are a new seller on Poshmark, you need to strategize things to beat the furious competition. One of the best strategies that you can opt for is to grow your follower base so that you can reach a mass audience on Poshmark with your product listings. However, getting followers on Poshmark is a very cumbersome task but you don’t need to worry about that. In this post, we will be sharing with you 8 tips on how to get more followers on Poshmark in 2023.

These tips will be helpful to you in getting real and relevant followers and that will eventually help in a higher number of listing impressions, closet visits, and sales. So let’s start:

Why are Followers Important on Poshmark?

Unlike other online marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay, Poshmark is actually a social commerce marketplace. This means that Poshmark not only enables you to sell on its platform but it also enables you to interact with other users, very much similar to how you do it on Facebook and Instagram.

Now think of it this way. You have an Instagram account but you only have a dozen of followers. Will you be able to make any impact?

Definitely not!

The same is the case with Poshmark, you can’t achieve good sales unless you have a decent number of followers that are following your Poshmark closet.

How Does Having More Followers on Poshmark Help You Get More Sales?

Having more followers on Poshmark can help you get an increased number of sales in so many ways. Here are some of them:

Increased Visibility:

More people following your closet on Poshmark means that more people can see your product listings when you post them and that will ultimately help in increasing visibility. Moreover, will make your product listings more discoverable by potential buyers.

Greater Credibility:

If you have a great number of followers then it will be going to help in having a good impression on your visitors that you are a credible seller with a large following. Moreover, it will help in boosting the trust between visitors who can actually be your potential customers.

Social Proof:

The importance of social proof for an online business is paramount. If a potential buyer sees that many other people are following you, they may be more likely to purchase from you as they see that others trust and value you as a seller.

Enhanced Networking:

With a larger following, you can potentially connect with other sellers and buyers, which can further lead to collaborations, cross-promotions, and other opportunities to increase your sales.

Why Am I Not Getting New Followers on Poshmark?

1- You Are Not Active on Poshmark:

not active on poshmark

One of the most common reasons why you might not be getting new followers on Poshmark is the fact that you are not quite active on the platform.

Being not active on Poshmark means that you are not actively sharing your listings or following other Poshmark users so that they can follow you back.

Moreover, it means that you are not attending posh parties which can significantly help you in getting new followers quite fast.

2- You Don’t List Items for Sale Frequently:

One of the very first things that a posher notices, when he/she visits a closet, is all the products that are listed there.

The number of product listings listed on a closet has the same impact, as the number of posts on an Instagram account.

For instance, if you go to an Instagram profile and find out that the account has just a few posts and is not actively posting updates, would you like to follow that?

Definitely not!

The same is the psychology in Poshmark. If you are not listing items in your closet frequently if not on daily basis then you are eventually calling out your followers to not follow you.

3- You Have A Poorly Organized Closet:

Poorly Organized Poshmark Closet

If you are listing items on Poshmark frequently but still not getting new followers then the reason could be a poorly organized closet.

But what do we exactly mean when we say a poorly organized closet?

Well, a poorly organized closet on Poshmark is a closet that looks cluttered and gives a bad impression to visitors.

There are many factors that contribute to making a closet look cluttered which include incorrect organization of products, use of poor-quality product images, and listing of products that are out of stock.

4- You Don’t Have The Right Sharing Strategy:

When it comes to sharing on Poshmark, it’s not just about sharing irrationally. It’s more about having the right sharing strategy.

By saying having the right sharing strategy, we mean that you should have a plan of when to share, whom to share, and how many times to share.

For instance, if you are sharing at midnight then definitely it won’t get you the desired result. Similarly, if you are doing all the sharing at the same time then that’s where things are going wrong.

5- You Have No Presence on Social Media:

social media marketing for poshmark

For many Poshmark sellers, only sharing is not good enough to yield results. They should have a good presence on social media platforms and grab every promotional opportunity that can get them followers on Poshmark.

However, most of the sellers often don’t put the effort into building a presence on social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

So they eventually lose the opportunity to get their social media followers also follow them on Poshmark.

8 Ways to Get More Followers on Poshmark

1- Find Other Poshers Like You To Follow:

One of the best ways to get followers on Poshmark fast is to find other poshers in your niche and start following them.

When you start following them, many of them will follow you back. Eventually helping you in making rapid progress in the follower’s growth chart.

This strategy works best for those sellers who have plenty of good items listed in their Poshmark closet. Moreover, it’s one of the easiest ways to attract more followers to follow your closet.

Make sure to not just start following other poshers randomly in masses as that can result in your account being temporarily restricted due to “Poshmark Follow Jail.”

Poshmark Follow Jail

Make the use of Poshmark search function to find Poshers that share the same values as you. For instance, if you are mostly selling handbags then try to follow those accounts who are also interested in handbags.

2- Share With A Smart Approach:

Another great way to attract people on Poshmark to follow you is by sharing your product listings and closet with the masses.

poshmark sharing to get more followers

You can also opt for other sharing options such as community sharing and party sharing to reach a wider audience and convince them to follow you.

You can even consider sharing product listings of other accounts that you like as it also helps people in following you as a return of favor that you did to them.

Remember that sharing is a well thought out process and requires planning rather than just doing it haphazardly.

Make sure to share in hours when users are most active on Poshmark such as morning hours and hours between 5 pm and 9 pm.

Moreover, consider the audience that you want to target while sharing as it will help you in reaching out to a more relevant audience.

In case, if you don’t have time to make a sharing strategy and implement it then you can also consider using a Poshmark sharing automation tool like PoshSidekick.


PoshSidekick saves the time of the Poshmark sellers by sharing product listings smartly at the right times. Moreover, it gets you shares from closets that have a plethora of followers so that your number of followers also increases at a rapid pace.

3- Curate Your Closet with Great Products:

No matter how much you share or follow other Poshers, people won’t be following you if your closet looks like a mess!

It’s really important for you as a Poshmark seller to organize your closet by curating great products and listing them in the right order.

Make sure to list your best-selling items on the top of your closet. Moreover, consider getting good condition items on the top of your closet as it will give visitors a good impression of you as a seller.

how to Curate Your poshmark Closet with Great Products

In addition, try to show versatility in your listings.

That can be done through a number of ways such as listings products of different prices together to let visitors know that they can find items in a wide range of prices. Moreover, listing different color items together so that your closet looks vibrant and gives the impression that you offer a great variety of items.

4- Actively Attend Posh Parties:

Posh Parties are virtual shopping events on the platform where poshers interact with other poshers in an attempt to drive sales.

Posh Parties are a great opportunity for you as a new seller to grab some followers by showcasing your best product listings.

So, as a seller, you need to find those Posh Parties with themes that match the products that are listed in your closet.

Actively Attend Posh Parties

For instance, if you are selling women’s dresses then find Posh Parties which have a “dress” theme and then share your top-selling or best-looking dresses there so that more and more people who are there on the quest to buy dresses explore your dress collection.

Usually, Poshmark hosts 4 virtual Posh Parties every day and by attending them you are not just reaching out to more people but also increasing your chances of getting more followers and sales.

5- Join The Poshmark Ambassador Program:

If you are selling on Poshmark for quite some time and looking to increase your followers tally then joining the Poshmark ambassador program is a good option for you.

Poshmark ambassador is a badge given to those Poshmark sellers who meet a certain requirement.

By getting the Poshmark ambassador status, you can gain buyers’ trust as Poshmark thinks of you as a trustworthy seller with a good reputation.

Join The Poshmark Ambassador Program

Moreover, getting the Poshmark ambassador badge helps you in getting new followers as Poshmark itself will be recommending you to the new poshers.

6- Collaborate with Influencers in Your Niche:

One of the most effective ways to increase your number of followers on Poshmark in an instant is by collaborating with Poshmark influencers in your niche.

This can be done both within and outside Poshmark.

Within Poshmark, you can reach out to popular poshers in your niche and offer to swap shoutouts or collaborate on a Posh Party. Moreover, you can offer to send them items from your Poshmark closet in exchange for promoting your account.

poshmark influencer on instagram

Outside Poshmark, you can reach out to Poshmark influencers on Instagram and ask them for a paid promotional or shoutout post. In return, you can offer them some of your products or negotiate with them for a reasonable amount of money.

7- Use Facebook Groups:

If you neither have a budget to spend on influencer marketing nor you want to send free items to someone in return for a shoutout then you can use Facebook groups to drive organic followers.

Many of the Poshmark sellers, may not have any idea about this method but according to us, it’s the best organic method to promote your listings and closet outside Poshmark.

There are certain Poshmark selling and community groups on Poshmark where you can join and post your listings to showcase your products to other Facebook users who are also on Poshmark.

using facebook groups to get sales on poshmark

You can easily search for these groups by searching for terms like “Poshmark Community,” “Poshmark Buyers and Sellers,” Poshmark Thrifters,” and “Poshmark Share” in the Facebook search bar.

Not just you can post your product listings there but you can also share your entire closet there and ask other members of the group to follow your closet as a favor.

8- Promote Your Listings on Instagram & Pinterest:

Another great organic way to increase your following on Poshmark without spending a single buck is by setting up your business profile on social medial platforms.

There are many great social medial platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest where you can set up a profile of your Poshmark closet to reach more audience outside Poshmark.

Promote Your Listings on Instagram & Pinterest

All you need to do is post and share your Poshmark product listings daily on your social media handles and develop an audience there.

Later, you can ask the same followers on your social media handle to follow you on Poshmark as well.

Though it is quite an effective strategy for getting more followers on Poshmark, it requires consistent effort and time. So if you are willing to invest some of your time each day, it will get you great results.


Selling on Poshmark is all about reaching potential buyers and by getting a large number of followers you can make things easy for you as a seller. We hope that you find this “how to get more followers on Poshmark” guide helpful. Let us know in the comment section which tip got you the most followers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many followers are good enough to make sales on Poshmark?

You must know one thing that getting followers on Poshmark doesn’t guarantee you a sale. Though it helps in convincing the visitor intuitively to buy from you. If you are a new seller on Poshmark then having around 5,000 to 10,000 followers is enough to build decent credibility.

Is it good to follow other people on Poshmark as a seller?

Following other people on Poshmark, even as a seller is not just good but a “great” idea. As it will help you in gaining new followers quickly as a result of follow-back.

What is Poshmark follow jail?

Follow jail is a condition where Poshmark restricts a user to follow other accounts for a specified time. Poshmark has a limitation, that you can’t follow more than 7000 followers in a single day. Moreover, you can’t follow more than 1000 accounts per day from the follower list of someone.

How long does Poshmark follow jail last?

A Poshmark follow jail usually lasts for around 24 hours. However, in some cases, it may take a little more time.

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