Why Posh Lives are Killing Your Sales & How to Fix It

Why Posh Lives Are Killing Your Sales & How To Fix It

So many Poshmark resellers have recently been complaining about a drop in sales, largely due to the newly launched Poshmark live shows.

We would be talking about why you’ve been seeing fewer sales and more lowball offers since the live shows started, and also, how to maneuver the situation and come out unscathed – with more sales.

The live shows have led to a decline in sales for a number of reasons, the biggest one of them being the stiff competition it has created; with some resellers giving away stuff for as low as $3, to the incessant notifications about the live shows which have created a terrible user experience for buyers and sellers alike, leaving some buyers with no other option but to delete the app from their phones.


Negative Impacts of Lives on Your Sales

Let’s carefully examine these possible causalities one by one before getting to the measures you can take to curb or best manage them.


  1. Stiff Competition

The auction-style live shows have items with initial asking prices of as low as $3, with a lot of items selling for $3 to $5. This makes it hard for the sellers who aren’t massively discounting their prices to compete.

Selling items for dirt cheap is just one piece of the puzzle. The other piece is Poshmark’s continuous promotion of these live shows – putting them atop users’ timelines and almost spamming you with notifications about them.

This is a huge distraction that takes buyers away from regular listings to the live shows.


Instagram Story Credit: @tellyourfriendssportswear

So, looking at it from the buyer’s point of view, they’re probably thinking – “why would I buy from a closet at market price when I can get it for 50% – 70% OFF on a live show and even communicate with the seller right away?

This newfound mentality is partly responsible for the sales decline and also the large number of lowball offers you’ve been getting lately.


  1. Lowball Offers

We recently asked members of our Facebook group what their experiences have been since the live shows started and they had a lot to say. With some saying they’ve received multiple $2 offers, to others getting $8 offers on $40 items. The responses were mind-boggling, to say the least.

lowball offers Copy

The screenshot above is an excerpt from a long conversation we heard in the group where different Poshers talked about the negative impact the live shows have had on their sales so far.


  1. Lost Offers

In the aforementioned group chat, we had sellers complain about missing out on potential sales because questions and offers from potential buyers got lost in the ocean of live show notifications.

You get a Poshmark notification, you think it’s someone inquiring about an item, only to find out it’s about some live shows… after a while, you just stop checking or scrolling through (and understandably so).

So, even when a potential buyer is asking for more information about an item or sending an offer, you ignore it for hours or days and by the time you finally get to it, the buyer must’ve moved on to some other closet or lost interest already.

That’s another way the live shows have impacted traditional Poshmark sales negatively.

Skype Picture 2022 11 22T13 02 06 656Z

These constant live notifications also make it hard for buyers to even know when you send them an offer or create a bundle. Not everyone has the time to go through every single notification that isn’t from their bank or job.


  1. Buyers Leaving

The most frustrating thing about these notifications is that you don’t even have the option to turn them off. This very fact has made some casual buyers delete the app from their phones completely.

Poshmark live Shows

While this is a small percentage of users, you also have a lot more users who have turned off all Poshmark notifications from their phone’s default settings – which seems to be the only way to stop these pop-up notifications without deleting the app.

What this means is that potential buyers won’t be notified of important notifications like messages, offers, and new listings – all of which help you get sales.


Why Not Do a Live Show and Make Sales?

Not everybody wants to get on camera all the time to make some sales. And for the ones who love doing the lives, it’s still not money falling from a waterfall. The first few beta testers made a lot of sales from their first few shows but once Poshmark started onboarding sellers in the thousands to do these shows, sales from the live shows dwindled with some hosts not even making a single sale for the entire duration of the show.

Similar sentiments were echoed by an Oregon Posher on Instagram who went from making $730 in her first show to $0 by her fifth show (which lasted two hours).


Instagram Story Credit: @tellyourfriendssportswear

What You Should Do

Despite the negative impact these live shows have had on sales, the majority of Poshmark sales are still coming from regular listings and there’s still a lot of money to be made because most people don’t have the time to sit through hours of live shows to find what they’re looking for and would rather just search.

Share More

You just need to list more, share more, and send out more offers than you used to, and you should be fine. Sounds like a lot of work? Don’t worry, Posh Sidekick has you covered.

You can use Sidekick to automate all your self shares, community shares, share backs, offers to likers, follows, follow backs, relisting, and more.

Stop Lowball Offers

Sidekick helps you deal with lowball offers by sending counter offers automatically. So for example, if you list an item for $20, you can tell Sidekick that the least you’re willing to sell that item is $15 (25% off). So, anybody asking for more than 25% off would get an automatic counteroffer from Sidekick saying 25% off is the best you can do. That way you don’t have to waste your time on tire kickers.

Crosslist to Other Platforms

A Sidekick membership also gives you free access to crosslisting.com’s basic plan. You can use crosslisting.com to crosslist your Poshmark listings to eBay, Mercari, and Depop with just a click of a button. This would drastically reduce your overdependence on Poshmark and fetch you more sales at the same time.

Get a FREE 7-day trial of Posh Sidekick when you download the app on App Store or Google Play Store.

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