The Poshmark Summer Slowdown & How to Beat!

Why does Poshmark sales take a dip in the summer and how do you prevent it?

For most Poshmark sellers, the summer slowdown feels like navigating a desert devoid of buyers. Listings linger longer, notifications dwindle, and sales stagnate. 

With more people spending time outside, engaging in vacations and family activities, online shopping takes a back seat sales often fall by around 30% compared to the peak shopping season in December.

This leaves resellers scrambling to navigate the choppy waters of the summer slowdown. 

But the good news is that there are a lot of techniques you can use to drum up sales even in the summer.

The first thing you need to do to get out of a sales slump or avoid getting into one is to understand that a sale is not a behavior but a result of a series of important behaviors.

Bearing this in mind, you can now focus less on the actual sale and more on the actions that produce the sale, such as;

Crochet Bikinis

Optimizing Your Closet for The Summer

As the season changes, so do consumer preferences. So, when you notice a slowdown in sales, take stock of your inventory and prioritize summer-appropriate items. 

You want to start planning and sourcing for these items now. Think lightweight fabrics, breezy dresses, swimwear, and accessories perfect for beach outings and backyard soirées. 

Also, refresh your listings with seasonal keywords and vibrant imagery to attract summer shoppers.

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Stock Up for Music Festivals

As summer approaches, you should consider stocking up on items perfect for music festivals and other outdoor events. Music festivals often set the stage for unique fashion trends, with each festival boasting its own distinct style influenced by the genre of music and the vibe of the event. 

From bohemian-inspired attire for Coachella to edgy looks for Lollapalooza, there’s a wide range of trends to cater to. With many festivals taking place outdoors, practical accessories become essential. Think waterproof phone bags for water parks or trendy yet functional sunglasses for sunny days spent dancing to music. 

By anticipating the needs and desires of festival-goers, you can tap into a niche market and offer items that stand out from the crowd.

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Trigger the Algorithm with Silent Auctions

Did you know you can trigger the algorithm to flood you with sales? 

If you’ve noticed, you tend to get batches of sales coming in after you make a few back-to-back sales. 

That’s because the algorithm tends to push you out to more people once it sees sales coming your way. Sales coming in is a positive sign that you have in-demand items and are active. It only makes sense to send you more eyeballs – customers.

But how do you get these back-to-back sales in a sales drought?

The easiest way to force sales or get on-demand sales is by running silent auctions where you give out a bit more of a significant discount than you usually would. 

Remember, you’re just doing it to stimulate the algorithm to get you more sales.

It’s also a good way to offload that stale inventory you’ve been sitting on for so long. And you can use Sidekick to automate your silent auctions if you don’t have the time.

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Relist Those Stale Listings

Contrary to what Poshmark gurus teach, you do not have to list every day to make consistent sales. 

What you can alternatively do is relist those old listings as it doesn’t require sourcing, taking photos, and creating new listings, yet, it opens you up to new sales because it turns that stale listing into a fresh new “Just In” listing – which usually sells quicker than old listings that aren’t relisted.

If you’re relisting through Poshmark, you have to wait till the listing is at least 60 days old, and it’s hard to keep track of which item is due for relisting when you have hundreds of items.

What you can do to solve this problem is schedule relists to happen after 60 days, 30 days, or earlier, using a tool like Sidekick

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Use The New Instant Listings Feature

While listing every day isn’t compulsory to get sales, you still want to list as often as you can because it’s the most important Poshmark task and the first step to a sale. There are no sales without listings. 

And with Crosslisting.com’s new instant listings feature, you can create even a hundred listings in a day and not feel it. 

All you need to do is upload front and back images of the item you want to list, and Sidekick will use AI & automation to detect and fill in the category, brand, condition, size, color, and fabric, before creating an SEO-rich product description and title. All in a matter of seconds!

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Use The Trends Reports

More important than listing frequently, is listing great inventory. 

If you just list random things every single day that are not necessarily good or trendy items, listing every day still won’t get you sales. 

So, make sure you’re listing items people are searching for. Use the trends reports that Poshmark provides to see what’s trending among shoppers so that you can be well-informed when sourcing items for your closet during the summer season.

This will help you sell so much faster.


Stop Sharing Manually

The importance of sharing to a Poshmark business cannot be overemphasized. 

It’s one of the most powerful ways to get your items seen. Not only does it refresh your listings, but it also ranks them higher in search feeds as “Just Shared” listings.

The Just Shared tag is also a positive sign to buyers – that you’re active and would be responsive if they send an offer, therefore, boosting their confidence in dealing with you. 

That is why your listings sell so much quicker when you’re sharing multiple times a day, every day.

But then again, sticking to an effective daily sharing routine is hard. Especially in the summer when you’re just trying to relax, go on a vacation, or spend time with family.

That’s where Sidekick comes in to take all that grunt work off your plate.

You can use Sidekick to automate all your shares – self shares, community shares, party shares, and sharebacks.

Fun fact: Sharing is more effective in the summer because fewer people are doing it.

crosslisting marketplaces

Spread Your Wings Wide

Have you had periods where your sales were down on Poshmark but you were crushing it on eBay or a Mercari?

It’s the law of averages. There are times when you’ll have more buyers on Depop than you would on Poshmark and vice versa.

Knowing this, crosslisting your Poshmark listings to all these other marketplaces like Etsy and eBay that have more traffic all year round, is a no-brainer. 

You can use an app like Crosslisting.com to bulk import and crosslist your existing listings to 9 different marketplaces in no time. It also detects sales and automatically delists your listings from every other platform to prevent double selling.

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Send Aggressive Offers

Do you know why two-thirds of all sales on Poshmark come from offers?

Human beings want a good deal. It’s not so much about how much they save but the feeling they get from thinking they made a good decision.

Sending out offers to likers in a timely manner can help skyrocket your sales to levels you probably never imagined.

You don’t want to send 10% off 12 hours later when the shopper would’ve moved on to another closet. Send out 20%, 30% within an hour of them liking the item.

And if you’re busy like most resellers are, you can automate all your offers to likers using Sidekick. It lets you set your discount rate for each category and how quick you want the offers to go out.

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Keep At It & Don’t Quit

We tend to obsess over the tips and tricks of getting sales but ignore the mental component which is just as important if not more.

Ups and downs are part of any business. And a sales slump isn’t a matter of if but when. So, when you find yourself in a slump, where you’re not stimulated by sales notifications, try to stimulate yourself with other things like family, friends, or a break. 

Don’t join the “Poshmark is dead” train – especially when resellers are selling millions of dollars on the platform every day. You just need to have the mental fortitude to keep doing all the right things even when you’re not seeing the results right away.

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Conclusion - Automate The Grunt Work

In conclusion, navigating the summer sales slump on Poshmark isn’t hard. By implementing the strategies outlined in this article, you can maintain and grow your sales during the slower months. 

From optimizing your closet for summer trends to leveraging automation tools like Sidekick and Crosslisting.com, there are numerous ways to stay ahead of the curve and keep your sales sizzling all season long. 

And speaking of automation, you can get a free 7-day trial of Sidekick to automate all the sales-generating tasks we’ve mentioned. Download the app today to experience the freedom that comes with automating your Poshmark business while enjoying your summer adventures. 

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